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Tuan’s Talk: What do you think?

This is a video we put on YouTube called Tuan’s Talk. Share what you think in the comments below. For more videos/stories like this one click here: Juicy’s Blog. For L.Mo’s Journey, click this link. I get a lot of conversations like this from people who are panhandling, while others are quite
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What to talk about…

This post poses questions and ideas for what to talk about in the future. Click the respective link for Juicy’s Blog, L.Mo’s Journey, or ALLEYBOT Good day to you my
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#1 L.Mo: Tinker, Tailor, Engineer, Sailor

Tinker: L.Mo has been ‘fixing’ thing since he was a young boy. He and his friends put wheels on anything, and raced down the ramps at Foster A. Begg Intermediate School in Manhattan Beach, CA. In the summer of 1954 during one race of orange-crate/clamp-on-skate scooters, there was a collision midway down
L.Mo's Journey

#6 Mac’s GITTY-UPS

It was short notice and unexpected, since I was the tailor and catalog photographer for his Gitty-Ups. A few phone calls, and I had a new rideR. Juice was enthusiastic
L.Mo's Journey

A NICKNAME – How I reluctantly became L.MO

When I came to Florida, I was Larry. I went to work part-time for a professional engineer and construction inspection job-shop. Soon I was full-time and had charge of inspection teams in Florida, Kentucky and Wisconsin, where I am also a licensed civil engineer. They already had 2 Larry, a Terry, Gary,