ALLYBOT: a short story
Foggy forest

ALLYBOT pt.3 (AB#3)

ALLYBOT #3 (image found at THE CITY (part 1: Gizmo) THE sound of the river was louder than usual.  Leah awoke to a loud “crack!” as a floating plank splintered

…random thoughts …on a Sunday

i love Dvorak …but I recognize that my chances with him are slim, since (while he was alive) he was already married. I was just listening to the Serenade for Strings on YouTube.  …and smiling gleefully through the second and third movements. check it out I like this version on YouTube because
ALLYBOT: a short story

ALLYBOT pt.1 – (AB#1)

ALLYBOT pt.1 – (AB#1) 1. THE THEFT      LEAH crept across the room stealthily so she wouldn’t be heard.  The moon shined brightly through the only window, illuminating the center of the dusty room.  Old books lay everywhere, some hanging halfway from tables and shelves.  Sleepy, young street thugs lay amongst