L.Mo's Journey

IL, BRIGHTON – The Oldest Living Dinosaur

WHAT WE SAW: While wandering the back roads of Illinois, we suddenly came upon a discovery that changed the world as we know it. Everybody ‘knows’ that all the dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid some 65 million years ago. But, we talked to an eye witness to what really happened
L.Mo's Journey

IL, CASEY – Big Things in a Small Town

TO GET THERE, take I-70 Exit 129 (IL-49) Casey. Follow signs south to town. (39.300252, -87.992863) Then the adventure begins. After the fast food stores, look on the right for: A giant WOODEN TOKEN is in front of the bank on the left. A giant ROCKING HORSE is at JJET Leasing on
L.Mo's Journey

IL, CAVE-IN-ROCK – A Ferry Across Ohio River

CAVE-IN-ROCK FERRY is the westernmost of 3 ferries still plying across the Ohio River. It crosses between IL-1 in downtown Cave-In-Rock, IL; and KY-91 in the farm land outside Marion, KY. The is no terminal building at either side, just a concrete ramp, plus a service dock on the IL side. The
L.Mo's Journey

IL, VIRGINIA – Log Cabins on the Prairie

Jenny Marr Dunaway Memorial Park WHAT WE SAW: JENNY MARR DUNAWAY MEMORIAL PARK is a beautiful city park . It has a pool, baseball diamonds, picnic area, playground, music stand and authentic log cabins. The three log cabins and their outbuildings are in the southeast corner of the park in the Rexroat
L.Mo's Journey

IL, WEST YORK – Hickory Holler Campground

WHERE WE STAYED: Hickory Holler Campground (39.145364, -87.763135) in West York, IL. A nice private family-run campground in the Wabash Valley. It’s 24 miles south of I-70 on IL-1, then 4.3 miles west on (9876) E. 2000 Ave. It has 80 RV sites, 20 tent sites Call Janna or Tony Guyer at
L.Mo's Journey

IL, WILMETTE – Bahai House of Worship

THE THIRTEEN BAHAI TEACHINGS (PUP128.9:1–21:1) #1. The oneness of the world of humanity #2. The protection and guidance of the Holy Spirit #3. The foundation of all religions is one #4. Religion must be the cause of unity #5. Religion must accord with science and reason #6. Independent investigation of truth #7.
L.Mo's Genealogy

IN, CICERO – Grandfather’s Glass Factory Site

Today it is a quiet empty field between the railroad and Library. But from 1844 to 1912 it was a busy place, The 1910 U.S. Census of the county lists 594 people working at the glass factory: from bricklayers and glassblowers to teamsters and secretaries ‘at the glass works’. The CICERO CEMETERY