L.Mo's Journey

FL, FORT PIERCE – Navy Seal Museum

I hope your Holidays were happy. Mac spent the holidays in Fort Pierce with one of his sons. I spent mine in Sanford with my son. The Christmas service at my church was most moving. I gave 2 Golden Rule presentations, to a community group on 19th & to Baha’is on 21st,
L.Mo's Journey

FL, ORANGE CITY – Manatees in the Wild

WHAT WE SAW: Blue Springs State Park is an excellent day-outing and picnic to see Manatees on a winter vacation. The Manatee, the slow-moving herbivore that inhabits the rivers and coastal waters of Florida, may have been the source of the mermaid myth. To get a close view of these homely mammals
L.Mo's Journey

GA, ELBERTON – Guidestones

WHAT WE SAW: The Georgia Guidestones are 5 massive granite slabs with a cap stone. They are erected on a treeless hillside, open to the stars and sun, at a spot the Cherokee called ‘the center of the world’. The central stone has a double wedge slot in it that allows the