mac and moe joyfully display traveling guides
Two old men, wearing Gitty-Ups, and their dreams of travel

Mac and I have started writing our bucket lists. Mac’s is a short list of people and places in eastern TN and ME. Mine is several pages long just for the first year (2019) on the FL-IN-ME triangle tour. So, I divided my list into two categories: My Bucket List, and my If-We-Are-In-The-Area-Do.

On the first list are family and friends; on the second are things to do, like watching the sunrise, seeing the largest globe of Earth. As Maxwell Smart might say: “It’s life-size!” I don’t think so. “People look like ants!” Not likely. “Would you believe, you can see it from US Hwy1?” If we see it, or anything else that strikes our fancy, we’ll stop and check it out and get photos.

Double Rainbow in Florida

My blessed wife, Annamaria, who passed in 2011 after being married to me (all sympathy to her) for 30 years, had a positive view of our short sojourn on earth; “We are spiritual beings having a human vacation: there are people to help, actions to take, and objects to appreciate.” My divided Bucket List seems to follow those 3 divisions of people, actions and things. Mac is thinking on his List, but is focused on getting Gitty-ups started.

In looking back, only about half of January was spent on improving the trailer for the trip. I got the new water heater physically installed. I thank Rev. Alinda and the unnamed others from the church for donating the water heater. Still need to connect supply line and electrical, but not until I get under or remove the oven to replace the shower pipes, a job that must be done.

The rest of the trailer improvement time has been spent running down and sealing rainwater leaks and drying the carpet. I caulked all the window and door frames, and replaced the foam tape around both doors. I caulked twin little doors on each side of the trailer completely closed. They used to lead to a compartment that went all the way across the trailer under the queen bed. They are not needed any more.

There are still 2 leaks that need to be fixed. The first is me remembering to close the windows when it rains. The other is a tiny leak over my closet. At first I thought that I hadn’t left my socks in the dryer long enough. So this last laundry I made sure they were dry, only to discover them slightly damp a week later. So I took them out to dry and put a bowl in their place. The next day there was about a quarter teaspoon of water in the bowl! I’ll have to go topside and seal a couple square yards of roof for I have no expectation of finding such a small hole.

Home Street Home

It’s possible, with His help.
L.Mo 20181010

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