Your Journey, and Ours…

Welcome to Myriad Streets!  I’m Juice!

(Before you ask, it’s a nickname)  I am a young entrepreneur from Orlando, Florida in the United States.  I grew up in a home that put great value in serving the community, and helping people in need.  I have been very fortunate to experience many walks of life, and have seen several sides of myriad societies.

My father joined the U.S. Air Force, so my family moved around A LOT when I was younger.  I’ve lived in Europe, all across the continental states, and in the South Pacific.  I’ve been in private schools, home-schooled, and in public schools.

I’ve lived in Black, White, Hispanic and completely diverse communities!  I’ve lived in nice houses with pools and extra bedrooms, in a variety of apartments, and have even been homeless for short stints.  I’ve worked in career fields as diverse as service, telemarketing, entertainment, and manufacturing, to name a few.


I’ve spent countless hours volunteering and helping to organize and run events that bring services to needy people.  I work full time as a community activist, plugging people into opportunities where they can help others.  I have a special love of green/sustainable initiatives and love to take on projects that help folks grow their own foods.

Recently, I’ve noticed that many of the people I help (on both sides of the proverbial aisle) feel that they are isolated in their own worlds.  Whether it be for ethnicity, culture, or socioeconomic reasons, people feel really disconnected form other walks of life.  

That doesn’t change the fact that we all share this planet, and decisions made by one group of people often have profound impacts on others.


I will bring the world to you.  Together, we will sit down with real people in all walks of life.  You will discover the real lives of the “rich”, the “disenfranchised”, the drug dealers, the starving artists, the single parents, the social activists, the self-made entrepreneurs, the teachers, etc.  

This site will empower you to see the world through an honest lens that your time, opportunities, or lifestyle may not allow.  You will gain access to the minds and perspectives of people you may not have considered.  

On top of all this, you will be able to meet and corroborate with a wide spectrum of people from myriad walks of life.  We will make interactions personal and accessibleY, so you can broaden your own horizons.  Together, we will make our global community more powerful!

Reach out to us

You can comment below for more information, or if you just need a hand.  We’d love to have YOU as part of our family, and hope we can walk your streets someday.

Your friend and ally,