fog over a forest

Contrary to its title, this story is not about Joe Pesci, Tom Cruise, …or Lil’ Wayne. ALLYBOT is the first short story to be published online by the author of this site (me: juice). It takes place in the near future after a series of world-changing events have altered Human life forever. Its heroes are hidden under the surface of an existence governed by the New Democracy: a pseudo-republic erected in the aftermath of continental disaster. The story takes place in my home state of Florida, so you can expect weird stuff to happen!

Follow along and share the story with your friends by SUBSCRIBING HERE! You are sure to be taken along for a ride as we explore the strange new world filled with unusual obstacles and challenges. I’d love to get your feedback since this is the first “full” story I am making available to the public. In the meantime, I will gradually be crafting the CLOAKSUniverse site for all those who’d like to express their talents in art and literature.


The story so far…

  1. AB#1 – The Theft – meet the story’s first protagonist in a daring midnight heist
  2. AB#2 – One Year Ago – a young man’s tragedy will become his fueling motivation
  3. AB#3 – The City pt.1 – homecoming – we glimpse the world from Leah’s eyes as she returns to her home city
  4. AB#4 – The City pt.2 – the inner city – Koster is a buzzing city of shady characters
  5. AB#5 – The City pt.3 – the secret meeting – Leah’s underground cohorts meet to decide on a mark
  6. AB#6 – 11 Months Ago – David finds new work and ways to care for his little sister, Elise
  7. AB#7 – 11 Months Ago pt.2 – Dr. Leah, Constable Vasquez and David must decide what to do about Elise’s condition
  8. AB#8 – The Visitor pt.1 – Gizmo and Leah move through Koster City’s inner regions, and are surprised by who they see
  9. AB#9 – The Visitor pt.2 – Leah’s biggest secret is revealed
  10. AB#10 – 9 Months Ago – New Dorf’s High Council decide what to do with David
  11. AB#11 – The Visitor pt.3 – Leah takes Gizmo for a routine tune-up and learns more about her unusual quattour
  12. AB#12 – The Visitor pt.4 – Gizmo and Leah get serious about finding the mysterious thugs in the city
  13. AB#13 – The Stone pt.1 – Leah’s job becomes easier than ever by mere chance
  14. AB#14 – The Stone pt.2 – Beathen has one more augment to complete before Leah’s meeting
  15. AB#15 – 7 Months Ago pt.1 – David gets found by an interesting band of teens
  16. AB#16 – 7 Months Ago pt.2 – Jake makes an appeal to David
  17. AB#17 – The Stone pt.3 – With her new augments, Leah meets with the violent strangers in order to learn more about what she’s stolen
  18. AB#18 – The Stone pt.4 – Leah treats the strangers harshly before turning them over to Beathen
  19. AB#19 – 3 Months Ago – David begins to learn the true meaning of the red vest
  20. AB#20 – Histories pt.1 – Beathen explains the quattours, the Mannah, powered stones, and the world as it is today.
  21. AB#21 – Histories pt.2 – As Beathen’s explanations come to close, the group gets an unexpected guest.
  22. AB#22 – A New Directive – After a conflict at Beathen’s shop, Leah and the boys adopt a new mission.
  23. AB#23 –