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NY, ST. LAWRENCE RIVER – Turkey and Locks

I drive under the upper Eisenhower Lock as a huge ocean-going ship is entering the lock. Well, OK, that was in my imagination. In reality, it is a construction barge because the locks are closed for the season and they are improving the upper gate before the freezing weather sets in. Also
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TN, LAND BETWEEN THE LAKES National Recreation Area

WHAT WE SAW: LAND BETWEEN THE LAKES NATIONAL RECREATION AREA is a densely forested area with developed glens. There are 17 campgrounds, most have boat ramps, 22 boat ramps, 6 day-use and picnic areas, and woodland drives and hiking trails. You can drive through the Elk And Buffalo Prairie and see the
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TN, PURDY – A Neglected Union Colonel’s Home

WHAT WE SAW: The Colonel FIELDING HURST HOME is a antebellum home of a staunch unionist who led Union guerillas who called themselves the 6th Tennessee Calvary. Some of his relatives were killed when the Confederates occupied his home. The Colonel attacked the town of Purdy and burned the courthouse, the church
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TN, PARIS – Eiffel Tower Park

WHAT WE SAW: The present 70ft Eiffel Tower replica was designed by the engineering students at the Christian Brothers University in Memphis. It replaces a 60ft version that became unsafe due to rusting. It is 5ft taller than the tower in Paris, TX, until the 6ft cowboy hat was put atop it.
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TN, “TRAIL OF TEARS” – The Eclipsed Path

There were numerous paths which the US Army used to remove Indian tribes from their reservations east of the Mississippi River to new reservations in the Territory of Oklahoma. The Choctaw, Creek, Seminole and other tribes were removed. But, the worst plight belongs to the Cherokee in which of the 23,000 who
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VA, STONEY CREEK – A Beautiful Small Bridge

This small 2-lane bridge is on southbound US Hwy 1 over Stony Creek in Dinwiddie County, VA between State Hwys 656 and 1401. The bridge on the northbound lanes is flat. (37.067161 : -77.602422) I think it is beautiful. Engineering is applied science. Great engineering is artfully applied science. This is an example