L. Moe is knitting while wearing his steam punk hat

Tonight is my first night in the trailer.

     It’s been a year and a month since deciding to do “IT”.  It was shortly after returning from a family reunion in Utah.  I could not wait out the rest of my life in a retirement home. The place was nice enough, a great place in Florida, great staff, pleasant building, a view I adored, but it was waiting to die.

     Not for me. I’ll be running as fast as I can until the Grim Reaper finds me.  Buckle on my courage, gird up my loins, make a plan, discard it, make a better plan, look for new pickup & trailer, look for used pickup & trailer, look more until a buddy, Mac, says, “I’ve got a pickup, can I come?”  YES! TYG.

     I look for bigger trailer, quickly find one, good condition, right price.  Spend October modifying it for our trip. Both AC and DC electrical systems check out OK.  I take out the old dinette, put in a berth for Mac, take out the queen bed, build in a sewing table on door side (66” long by 32” wide by 29” high) and a cutting table on other side (80”x32”x36”), discarded the old queen mattress and made a dual-density mattress to fit each berths. I’ll use my berth as a cutting table or I’ll sleep on the cutting table. (It works either way.) I reset the bathroom door strike so it latches, get a lesson about propane from a neighbor, replace the 15 year old toilet, put a handle to lift myself on each side of the bathroom window which is right close in front of the toilet, raise the refrigerator off floor, build two drawers below frig for canned goods, put a large convection oven (donated by Sandy at the Plymouth) on a shelf above the refrigerator, anchored frig and oven to the trailer wall, added shelves in bathroom and kitchen to relieve the lack of drawers, put a bracket for the iron and ironing board on the wall at end of cutting table, and a bunch of other little improvements throughout the trailer.

     For the last week I’ve been moving all my stuff in. There are boxes everywhere. Mac is going to have to leave all his junk at home, except the clothes on his back, if they’re not too bulky. 

Not really.  Today I sort my stuff into kitchen, bath, sewing, and personal, then start putting things away. After discarding the scraps of cloth I had carefully saved over the decades, the other half of the sewing stuff fits neatly under the sewing table with a sewing machine, serger and desk-top computer sharing the table top. It’s only half as chaotic.

To say the trailer kitchen is small is worthy of winning a Texas tall tale contest. (Does Texas have the tallest or shortest midgets?) It doesn’t have any drawers and counter space is 4” wide shaped like a ┌┬┐ with a sink in the left slot and stove in the right one. I screwed a jar opener, banana hook and many large cup hooks for other gadgets to the bottom of the overhead cabinet. On the wall I put three key racks to hold 15 of my most used kitchen tools. My pots and pans fit on a shelf under the sink. The cleaning supplies went on the floor below the pot shelf in a box. The hair and body stuff went on shelves hung from the shower spout. Many handy kitchen gadgets and my set of glass dishes went to Patricia, a friend at church.

I take 3 boxes of books to Maya Books and Music, a charming used book store at 204 E. First Street in downtown Sanford.  I bring home only one box full. Well, there are a few travel books I need for the trip, a couple I need for research for the book I’m writing, and a couple that looked interesting.

My personal stuff that doesn’t fit, I donate to Goodwill. I have since heard that in order to save money, they are going to built a store around the heap of my stuff rather than spend the money to  move it.

I get my stuff organized and put away and see that the two berths are clear and that Mac does have as much or more space for his junk as I do, including  his 600 or so GittyUps!

Mac’s berth.
Sewing table far. Refrigerator near with picture of how L.Mo’s guardian angel often looks.

I prayed to see if this is only my ego taking this trip or there is something He wants me to do. The answer was clear. He made it easy because I am going to do something for Him.

It can happen, with His help.  L.Mo 20181111

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