ALLYBOT: a short story
Girl in an old tunnel

ALLYBOT pt11 | AB#11

The Visitor pt3     Walking back through the secret tunnel that connected the Northside District to downtown, Leah pondered over why her mother didn’t seem more surprised to learn that
ALLYBOT: a short story
Luxury mansion

ALLYBOT pt.9 | AB#9

The Visitor Part 2              Along a clean, smooth gravel road, lay a well-groomed row of teal, orange, and baby blue flowers.  The flowers (clearly of a closely related species)
ALLYBOT: a short story
Crying teen boy

ALLEYBOT pt.7 | AB#7

    11 months ago, part 2              Two weeks later, David came home to find the physicians in the apartment again, this time accompanied a person who was the equivalent
ALLYBOT: a short story
street signs reading, "hard times"

ALLYBOT pt.6 | AB#6

11 Months Ago             David sluggishly got out of bed and dressed in his work clothes.  Every muscle ached, and each new movement seemed cost so much more energy.  He
ALLYBOT: a short story

ALLYBOT part.5 : AB#5

The City pt.3 – the meeting             “Kenneth!…”, the woman stood from the table, looking aghast.  Kenneth was smiling at them with an expression like there wasn’t a care in
ALLYBOT: a short story
Foggy forest

ALLYBOT pt.3 (AB#3)

ALLYBOT #3 (image found at THE CITY (part 1: Gizmo) THE sound of the river was louder than usual.  Leah awoke to a loud “crack!” as a floating plank splintered