…so, what is it that this website all about?  What am I (Juice the Blackhearted) hoping to achieve with all these articles, blogs, pics, and videos? 

the PURPOSE of iwalkthestreets is to connect people with cultures and communities they otherwise would never encounter.

     I walk the streets, because not everybody can.  Many of us have jobs and families to attend to.  Hopefully we’re doing that well, and for those who are, that can take up so much of our time.  One of the concerns I’ve heard from A LOT of folk in this situation, is that they are unable to connect with entirely different cultures and communities.

This can present several problems:

  • it can be hard to understand, empathize, and/or sympathize with people unlike ourselves if we never have any real encounters with them…
  • giving our children the most realistic, comprehensive approach to dealing with differences between people can be really challenging when the only exposure to these people is the entertainment, news, and social medias
  • for those of us who want to give back to our world, we want some way to know that the work, time, and resources we put in is Actually Making a Positive Difference in the lives we are trying to help
    • when there is a divide between us and others, it creates a space where organizations that claim to help can actually do more harm without us knowing (some examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

This is where I come in.  I walk your streets.  I walk the streets of folks who aren’t you.  I walk streets all over the world to bring other cultures, peoples, & ways of life to you!

Of course, there are lots of things you can do locally to make a difference in your own community (see my post about that here), but my job is to empower you to see beyond your own culture.  I bring the corners of the world to you through the experience of modern miracles like video and internet.  While this is my primary role, I also want to offer information that will (hopefully) bring great value to your life.

i want to bring value to your life

i LUV learning!  I’m sure I will always be a student in some regard.  As I learn, grow, try, fail, and succeed; I will share that knowledge with all of you.  I post mostly about food health (see here for lists and charts on alkaline diets), effective services (like my favorite collaboration app: Airtable), and opportunities for self-improvement (like my #1 Recommendation).  Sometime soon, I’d like to post a list of playlists that I’ve made in Youtube.

    In the future, I hope will offer even more things of value to help you live a holistically satisfying life.  I strongly encourage all sorts of feedback (i hope it will be constructive).  The better I understand your needs and wants, the more equipped I’ll be to offer you tools to help you realize the life you really want.  I’m far from perfect, and your feedback is one of the most valuable things I will experience on this journey.

…and it is a journey

I will be venturing into many domains that I never have before (or even imagined), so things will get really interesting for both of us!