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Community is a wonderful thing. I recently heard someone say that you will not end up where they want without community. Instead, we may find ourselves in places we just don’t recognize at all.

A group of people I’d been experiencing community with recently tried an idea of sending a gratitude list in our group text each day. The little “task” helped me to see the positive things in my life that I don’t deserve but have every reason to be thankful for.

Some things seemed little (my favorite doughnut or ice cream flavor) but, with a little reflection, I had to consider how much effort went into making sure that doughnut was right where I wanted it when I wanted to have it. That’s Huge!

I couldn’t help of other things like running water and the whole city sewage system. I can walk into a place and use the toiletries with little or no thought to the effort it took to get such a wide-reaching and convenient water system into place.