I luv, Love, LOVE a good hip hop beat. I love hip hop beats so much, that I actively search out producers to listen to more of their music. I like stumbling upon their YouTube collections and finding their instrumental albums and mixtapes on Google Play Music. I’ll hunt on YouTube for playlists of little known beat makers just for listening music.

For those in the know, the easiest way to identify who made that awesome beat you’re listening to is by the producer tag (typically near the beginning) in the song. It’s a quick sound snippet that acts like a brand handle for the person who worked so hard to make your ears happy. Check out this YouTube vid and see how many of these you recognize.

I don’t like most of the rappers out these days. For the most part, a lot of the rap that is blasted and magnified is the antiquated fantasy tale of a bunch of people disrespecting all of society (and themselves) because they are rich enough to do so. Not to mention, that the apparent source of these riches is selling drugs in some form or another.

What’s worse, too many rappers are bragging about selling drugs AND being high all the time… FANTASY! Whether you chose a life of crime or a life of legality, the few at the top of success or those who sacrifice and work to get there. This lifestyle of easy living selling poison to people is a destructive lie!

Zaytoven, Tay Keith, and Mike Will are among my favorite producers.

Still, hip hop music has grown in some really interesting ways. The music has gotten better and more inventive, but I have my favored niche and that’s the more hard core trap beats. Zaytoven, Tay Keith, Mike Will Made It, Metro Boomin, Jahlil Beats: these guys are just among my very favorites. I continue to hunt down the works of big time and more local producers.

Now that you’ve had time to review some famous tags, take this super easy YouTube quiz and see if you can correctly identify these big time producers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0osMvk_wOI.

Most of these should easy for you to guess by now.