Giant Teeter-Totter (out of sight on left), Giant Wind Chime (left) and Giant Rocking Chair (right). Just imagine what trees were needed to build the chair.

TO GET THERE, take I-70 Exit 129 (IL-49) Casey. Follow signs south to town. (39.300252, -87.992863)
Then the adventure begins. After the fast food stores, look on the right for:
A giant WOODEN TOKEN is in front of the bank on the left.
A giant ROCKING HORSE is at JJET Leasing on the right.
Cross US-40 and in a few blocks on the right, just past Burger Shack is a giant YARDSTICK.
STOP at the light if RED.
You will be tempted to turn by the Giant things you can see. Trust me. Turn Right at the next corner ( Gen. Robey) just past the giant SPINNING TOP on the Left.
Continue down Gen. Robey to 2nd Street or 4th Street turn right, then right again onto Main Street.
A giant yellow MINION is in on the right.
The world’s largest MAILBOX and giant BIRDCAGE are on the left on the right in the next block.
In that same block are the world’s largest BARBER POLE and giant PENCIL on the left.
STOP at the light if RED.
Giant KNITTING NEEDLES and CROCHET HOOK are on the left
a giant EAR OF CORN is on the right in the next block.
The world’s largest WIND CHIME and the world’s largest ROCKING CHAIR are on opposite sides of Main Street. The Rocking Chair was the first exaggeration in town. There is free RV day parking if you turn right. Also have a bite to eat at the Whitling Whimsy Café. It’s owned by the mother of the man who started all this with the Rocking Chair.
A giant working TEETER-TOTTER, which you can ride, is across the street from the cafe.
A giant BOOKWORM is at 3½ Street (what can I say?)
Continue down Main Street to 13th Street. There is no stop sign or signal, so keep an eye out. Turn left.
The world’s largest GOLF TEE is at Casey Country Club.
The world’s largest PITCHFORK is at Richard’s Farm Restaurant.
Turn around go to US-40 turn Right, cross IL-49 (which you came in on) and go to the airport where there is a giant TOY AIRPLANE.

That’s the end of the tour I took. Cruise around there may be some giant things I missed.

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