picture of the open road
Antique Texaco sign on US Hwy 1

WHAT WE DID: We started our Adventure of a Lifetime. Today Juice and I hit the road, FL-46 east to US-1 turn north, headed to Waycross GA, and eventually to Fort Kent ME, the north end of US-1. It’s one of my Bucket List items. And there’s plenty of good food, fun places and great people to meet along the way.

There were 3 surprises. There was so little development and so much forest along US-1 for such and old traveled way. It was the first Intercolonial Highway. (They weren’t states yet.) It connected the 13 capitals, and been extended several times. We are on the link to St. Augustine, capital of Fla Terr.

Surprise 2 was Alt-1 around Jacksonville. It has as many sharp twists and turns, and steep climbs and dives as a good video game racetrack.


WHERE WE ATE: Surprise 3 was in Brunnell FL 32110 at a little roadside shack “HOT DIGGITY DOGS & BBQ”; 22 types of dogs, 11 burgers, 15 sandwiches (7 w/BBQ’d meat), sides galore, and 8 flavors of ice cream, including Moose Tracks. The colorful little shack was too small to hold the menu, let alone all that food. But fast service and delicious food. Well worth the drive.

HOW TO GET THERE: It is on US-1 on the south edge of town (1001 S.State St./US-1) (29.459564, -81.251810)

It can happen, with His help.
L.Mo May 5. 2019

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