11/11/2018 Sanford, FL


L. Moe is knitting while wearing his steam punk hat

Tonight is the first night in the trailer.

     It’s been a year and a month since deciding to do “IT”. It was shortly after returning from a family reunion in Utah which my daughters couldn’t make. I could not wait out the rest of my life in a retirement home. The place was nice enough, a great place in Florida, great staff, pleasant building, a view I adored, but it was waiting to die.

     Not for me. I’ll be running as fast as I can; IF he can find me.  Buckle on my courage, make plans, discard them, make better plan, look for pickup & trailer, look more until a buddy, Mac, says, “I’ve got a pickup, can I come?”, deep and serious thought (he doesn’t know how close he came to NO).

     Look for bigger trailer, quickly find one, good condition, right price.  Spent October modifying it for our trip. Took out dinette, put in berth for Mac. Took out queen bed, put in sewing table on door side (right) and a cutting table (36″ above floor, where I’ll sleep) on left side. Replaced 15 year old toilet.  Raised refrigerator off floor and built drawers below for canned goods and pans. And a bunch of little improvements.

     For the last week I’ve been moving my stuff in. Mac is going to have to leave all his junk at home.  Not really. Today I sorted stuff into kitchen, bath, sewing, and personal. It’s only half as chaotic. When I get them put away, Mac will have as much or more personal stuff space as I do, plus space for his 600 or so GittyUps!

l prayed to understand if this was my wishful dreaming, or from God. Once I accepted that, He made every step easy. I can’t wait to see what He wants me to do.

Tonight I become a gypsy



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