12/12/2018@Sanford FL


mac and moe joyfully display traveling guides

We had no hot water or heat.  I’ll have to get someone to see why they didn’t turn on.

Most of November was spent on improving the trailer for the trip.  Replaced the 15 year old toilet with a taller one. Put a handle to lift yourself on each side of the bathroom window which is right in front of the toilet.  The 6cf refrigerator sat on the floor and was too hard to see into, and even harder to reach for what was wanted. So we raised it to eye-level, and under it put a shelf for plastic storage containers, and a drawer under that for canned goods.  We put a large convection oven, donated by Sandy at the Plymouth, on a shelf above the refrigerator.  Then anchored the fridge and oven to the trailer wall.  Later we added brackets and shelves in the bathroom and kitchen to relieve lack of counter space.  Then put a bracket for the iron and ironing board on the wall at the end of the cutting table.

I took three days off to check off an item on my bucket list.  I drove to Key West on US Hwy 1, the Overseas Highway.  Even though I had never been there, it was a surprisingly nostalgic trip.  Around every curve was something I’d never seen and which reminded me of my childhood in a beach town in southern California: a mom & pop grocery here, a small used car dealer there, a jeweler, national chains in little buildings, remnants of a railroad, (We lived at the next to last stop on the PE trolley out of LA.), isolated subdivisions, swamp lands still reeling from the storm, and so much more.  

I took Bear-Bear in the Silverado, without Mac.  We had a great time. We stopped occasionally along the way just to feel the sea breeze in our hair and the dry sand between our toes and make wet sand.  When we got back home I made him a collar that says, “I peed in Key West”. Of course, we ate lunch at the Island Dogs Bar at 505 Front Street in Key West – quality food in a sandal setting.  On the way back we ate at The Burger Inn at 1819 US Hwy 1 (N. Harbor City Blvd) in Melbourne FL where carhops serve a wide array of tasty food on a tray hung outside the truck window.

  Juice, a friend from church, offered to put us online.  A test blurb called Mac&Moe is at myriadstreets.com.   Mac is excited about being online because part of his junk is a single strap suspender called Gitty-Ups.  He has a bunch of them in solids, some plain, others embroidered; and in sports team and holiday colors.  He will custom make ones in your local high school and JrHi, even elementary school colors. He will be helping finance our trip by online sales and at swap meets.  His hope is to be successful enough to replace the trailer with a new one where everything works, or better.

It’s possible, with His help.