a cover picture of Hal Elrod's book, the miracle morning
The Miracle Morning is a book by Hal Elrod. It is available on Amazon.

power of intentional thought

Over the last few days, I’ve finished chapters 3-6 of Switch on Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf. (buy this book on Amazon here) My main takeaways from these chapters was that the nature of one’s thoughts has profound physical impacts on the brain’s cognitive function.

On hand, intentional, directed thought can cause a positive gradual cascade on the physical brain’s abilities.

One could actually become more intelligent through the power of directed thought. The first step Dr. Leaf recommends is to become aware of thoughts entering the mind. Being aware of and taking control of these thoughts begins the process of directing them in positive ways.

Once a person has taken stock of whether or not an active thought is positive, they are more empowered to determining whether or not to nurture said thought.

Honestly, I skipped ahead to get to the actionable steps the author outlines in the latter half of the book. I didn’t give up on my place in the book, but as I am a tactile learner, I wanted ways to ground what I was learning about in my world.

I won’t dive into the 21-day detox plan yet, but I will take peeks as I finish the first half of the book.