a cover picture of Hal Elrod's book, the miracle morning
The Miracle Morning is a book by Hal Elrod. It is available on Amazon.

quantum mind

Dr. Caroline delves into simplified definitions of Quantum science while illustrating mind/brain relationships. Today, I read a portion of the book describing the Quantum Zeno Effect. The way it’s described in Switch on Your Brain, it’s the ability of entities to learn something through focused study and repetition. The brain creates physical pathways as the mind concentrates. “Mind changes matter.”

I’m gaining a lot of insight into focused concentration on a single matter. It’s helping me to be more aware of how I’m using social media (or my phone in general). Discipline is much easier when one has a goal to focus on. I think the drive to, move closer to that goal makes the work of discipline into a kind of game.

As I move further into a life of integrity, Ill make it a part of my discipline to hard wire integrity into my person in my daily meditations.