10/10/2018, Winter Park, FL



a little dog neamed bear
Mac and Moe’s noble traveling companion

I was shocked into this realization one day in a casual conversation.

Mac (83) and I (76) are retired and residents of The Plymouth a 62+ building for  active independent seniors. He for one; I for 4 years. It was nice with many nice people.  They had lots of activities and day trips to occupy our time. One day a well-dressed woman asked me how long I had been living there, and proudly announced that she had been there 14 years.  I have no memory of the rest of the conversation, although I’m positive I participated. My mind ignored that after four actively participating years, I was still a ‘newbie’. It was paralyzed by the thought that one day I too could be here saying what she said while clutching my cane or leaning on my walker, or sitting in my power chair, I mean, ‘electric mobility enhancement’.  No. No. No! NO! NO!

A little more than a year earlier I had attended a family reunion in Utah.  My family is mostly in CA, AZ & NM, with a few scattered in AK, WA, OR, MT, CO & FL.    (FL? Who in their right mind … Oh. Right. That’s me.) I got the trophy for having come the farthest.  And I learned how important family is to me. I learned how much I miss them and how many of the young ones had ‘suddenly’ grown up.  Some introduced me to their teen children, others to their grandbabies.

I resolved to visit my family and friends more without being a burden to them.  But it wasn’t until that lady said 14 years that I was spurred into action. I prayed and researched the many ways to travel and prayed again.  I settled on a 17’ to 21’ travel trailer and 1 ton or ¾ ton pickup. But my hopes and plans crashed when I found the price tag was more than my first house, and it had acreage and fruit trees.  Used trailers that I could afford were trash and trucks were in sad shape. More prayer – If this is what You need me to do, make it happen.

Well, He did, and threw in two bonuses.  That week Mac offered his 4WD, 1 ton Silverado.  Mac liked my plan and wanted to go along. Watching the leaves turn color in Maine was on his bucket list.  OK, visit family and friends, AND see new places and met interesting people. Mac was a bonus. Sharing the traveling experiences with someone is always better than doing it alone.  And Bear-Bear was the other bonus. This Yorkie is a night watchdog and a day companion to Mac. But a larger trailer is needed. Later that same week Joe B. in Davenport, who had turned down 13 buyers, offered me his used 26’ trailer at a price within my means and he paid for the license.

I can’t wait to find out and do what He needs me to do.