ALLYBOT: a short story

ALLYBOT pt.1 – (AB#1)

ALLYBOT pt.1 – (AB#1) 1. THE THEFT      LEAH crept across the room stealthily so she wouldn’t be heard.  The moon shined brightly through the only window, illuminating the center of the dusty room.  Old books lay everywhere, some hanging halfway from tables and shelves.  Sleepy, young street thugs lay amongst
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A commitment to quitting smoking

It wants to kill me.  It affects me like someone who pretends to be my dear friend, just to make unreasonable demands of me.  I resent the idea that this thing wants to keep me smoking it for the next twenty years,… and beyond…  I have to destroy any attraction I have
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Random thoughts on a Tuesday

watt iz normul The Universe is vast, but perhaps only on the scale of my understanding.  I grew up with traveling parents, and often struggle to understand how many people can think of their way of life as normal.  I have discovered that in order to gain a greater perspective, a person

Connecting People (iwts -mission 2018)

…so, what is it that this website all about?  What am I (Juice the Blackhearted) hoping to achieve with all these articles, blogs, pics, and videos?  the PURPOSE of iwalkthestreets is to connect people with cultures and communities they otherwise would never encounter.      I walk the streets, because not everybody can. 

Ways to GET INVOLVED with Your Community (2018)

2018 Has Great, Fun Ways to Get Involved      If you’re like me, you value your alone time.  I love to pop some headphones on, put on some rock or afro-funk and get busy with a “peacefully intense” activity (video games, drawing, or writing, etc.).  But even I hafta get out

Online Collaboration Made Simple

AIRTABLE a free online management tool I take on big projects that involve a lot of people, but I feel most effective when working in my own space. There’s something about putting on my headphones and getting into the zone that makes me feel super productive. But… for those projects that really