watt iz normul

The Universe is vast, but perhaps only on the scale of my understanding.  I grew up with traveling parents, and often struggle to understand how many people can think of their way of life as normal.  I have discovered that in order to gain a greater perspective, a person has to do more than just visit another place.  When I talk to many of my friends who have traveled, i find that they come back with experiences from some wierd place in the world.  It doesn’t seem to occur too them that they LIVE in the weird place, and they’d just come back from somewhere normal.

Immersion seems to be the key factor in helping folks put their own world’s into perspective.  I like to remark to people that children often cry over small things because they are among the worst experiences they’d had up to that point.  i marvel at how much effort my society (middle-class America) puts into keeping pain away from their children.  It often seems totally lost on us that children are not “ours”.  They are little adults in training.  Our entire job as parents is to get them to the point that we let them go.

In my own life, my parents caused me great emotional pain that I had to work through as an adult.  However, many experiences were taken out of my hands because I was “not ready”, or they were “for adults”.  I somehow experienced being a “victim of poverty” and a “spoiled little prince” simultaneously.  In my mind, I created my own culture in which the theme was to be as “good” as possible.  In retrospect, I wish I had not spent so much time being a “good” person, and had been an “effective” one.  Who knows…  Hindsight is 20/20.

let’s make port!

Now, at 36, I am finally living my dreams.  Not because I have the finances to do so (I definitely don’t), but because I’ve finally stepped out to do so.  I could fail miserably (the odds seem to lean toward that).  I could end up in jail or prison.  At this point, however, I had might as well try.  I was raised to take the careful precautions withoout understanding the purpose behind my real goals.  …ans so my goals were superficial…

It’s been said that in order to swim, you must first be okay to drown.  I think on some level, that is the mentality of an entreprenuer.  The “safe” way of going about life is like finding a stable boat to float on withoout being in full control of the destination, knowing how to build a boat, or even how to swim.  I think being an entreprenuer is realizing that in order to get to your true destination, you must build the boat yourself.  Your boat may fail, and you will have to swim to safety, but if that happens, you’ve become a better swimmer and better boat builder.

It makes sense for most people to think this is crazy.  As they float past you dry and “safe” towards a “destination”, they wonder why you are swimming back to land to try building a boat again.  I think it is crazy to not have my own boat.  If I get really good at building boats, I can sail to wherever I want!  I will build life rafts, I will work with others to build docks.  I can set up entire networks of trade and travel.  Soon, people will be paying admission to my boats for the incredible value that they bring to their lives.  Those people may not know how to build boats, and they certainly won’t be my hired captains, but they will pay good money to know they can travel safely to between destinations.

am i a pirate

For me it was really simple: I could be a pirate or an entreprenuer.  I chose the latter because I have people in this life who are counting on me.  I’ve had to learn not to look down on “riders” (people who pay admission to ride others’ boats).  We all have an important role to play for each other and in society.  I need people who don’t think like I do.  There’s lots of things I really can’t stand to do, but I need people who love to do them day in and day out.  Most people don’t want to deal with the many hassles of being an entreprenuer.  i have a duty to be the very best I can be for them.

Even i can get trapped in my own “culture” of thinking.  Historically, one of my favorite things to do would be to get a job in a field I’ve never been in before.  I love to immerse myself in other’s cultures.  I’ve been a bakery worker, a warehouse selector, a gas station clerk, a restaurant server, a customer service agent, a theme park attendant, a 3rd shift cook, a telemarketer, and balloon artist, among other things.  I’ve noticed that people are attracted to various jobs for any myriad of reasons, but across so many fields of work and cultures, we’re mostly all doing the same things but in different ways and for different reasons.

When I finally establish that metaphorical “network” of boats, routes, and ports, it won’t just be for myself.  i am working towards goals that will provide for my family, afford me the time to grow into a stronger person, and create profound value for so many people I may never meet.

Whenn I go home, I turn on lights, pour myself a glass of water, and use the bathroom.  I rarely think of all the effort that went into making all that possible.  So much work and planning went into the planning and wiring that allows me to use electricity with amazing confidence.  People have literally lost there lives allowing cities to provide running water to all of its residents.  Each of those individuals have provided massive value to me and my family.  i have a responsibility to use MY skills to return that value to the community.

…………………whatever.  this has been random thoughts … … … with Juice



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